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I know that there are a plethora of hairstylists you could choose from, and I'm immensely honored and grateful that you've chosen me.

In case we haven't met yet, Hi! I'm Elise and I'm SO happy you're here! If you want to get to know me a bit more before continuing, head on over to the MEET ELISE. page. 


Please read this page thoroughly, as I'm going to walk you through everything you need to know to make your first appointment with me as flawless as we want your mane to be.

Your first appointment begins right here! First, I'm going to walk you through how to book online with me. In the interest of being as streamlined for you as possible, I only have a few options for new guests to choose from. That means no having to read through all my services and thinking, "oh gosh, I hope I pick the right thing!" Phwew, thank heavens, right?

Are you wanting a subtle shift in tone, maybe some grey coverage? Or a global lightening service? Something in between? Go ahead and read the New Guest Color Service options below and see which one best suits your wants and needs!

New Guest Service Options


2 1/2+ hours  ///  $145-195+

This option is meant for those wanting root coverage and/or color applied through the ends that is darker or of a similar shade. This is not for any services going lighter or drastic changes in tone. Includes consultation, color service, scalp massage, customized haircut and styled blowdry. Price is based on full application from roots to ends and may vary depending on the amount of color needed. 

(most requested)

3+ hours  ///  $220-265+


Book this service block if you are looking for multidimensional lightening, possibly a partial highlight touch up, a subtle lighter effect and could be combined with root/grey coverage. This could also include an overall shift in tone, such as a light blonde wanting to go much darker, or a brunette wanting to go red, etc.  Includes consultation, color service, scalp massage, customized haircut and styled blowdry. Price is based on roots to ends application and may vary depending on the technique and amount of color needed.


3 1/2+ hours  ///  $300-350+

Book this service block if you want an all-over dimensional lightening service and a dramatic lighter effect. For quality purposes, this service is not recommended if you need root/grey coverage, however, grey camouflaging can be added. Includes consultation, color service, scalp massage, customized haircut and styled blowdry. Price is based on roots to ends application and may vary depending on technique and amount of color needed.

The integrity of your hair is my "mane" - see what I did that? - priority. For this reason, all New Guest Color or Lightening Services include a customized haircut that suits your hair and lifestyle needs.

And all New Guest Services include a thorough consultation to choose your preferred end result based on hair type + texture, face shape, hair + skin tone, and your unique lifestyle. You will leave with a styled blow dry, as well as product + maintenance recommendations.

Still not sure? That's okay!

Many new clients like to pop in for a consultation prior to committing to their first appointment, so you can absolutely book the NEW GUEST CONSULTATION service option and we can make a plan to fulfill on your mane dreams with minimal commitment, and maximum comfort.

Please read:

No matter what end result you're looking to achieve,

please book a consultation if any of the following apply to you:

- you need corrective services or you've had color done recently that needs to be "fixed."

- if you know, or think, that you have ever had store bought, "box dye" or "henna" color on your hair.

- if you want vivid, pastel or fashion colors or an extreme makeover: mane edition.

After clicking the link below, you'll be directed to my online booking system hosted by Vagaro (vuh-GAR-oh), and you'll request your preferred service option. You'll fill out a quick pre-consultation form with some of your information and hair history, and it'll give you instructions to please email me a current picture of your hair. Don't worry, I'll be the only one to see the pictures. Those steps are just so I can double check that we're booked for the right service + time.

Okay, so your appointment is booked, now what?

Once I see your appointment request - usually within 1-2 business days - I'll send you an email either to make any changes based on the information provided in the pre-consultation form and the picture you've sent or simply confirm your appointment and let you know the best way to contact me between then and your appointment, just in case you need anything at all.

In that email, I'll say hi, first of all! And then I'll go over where to park, how to contact me if needed and a general overview of what to expect as a brand new guest in my salon.

If you want to know more about how your first appointment will go,

feel free to keep reading. Otherwise, I'll see you soon.


I can't freakin' wait!

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 10.21.26

When you arrive at our salon, feel free to park in any of the parking lot stalls in the lot. Come on in and be greeted by a smiling receptionist and let her know who you're there to see. 


I’ll bring you to my station to talk in detail about your #ManeGoals for both that day’s appointment and what you want long term. Once you and I are both on the same page and are speaking the same language, we’ll get started! While your color service is processing, you can either make yourself comfortable in my chair or in one of the many cozy places we have to sit during that time and take advantage of our salon WiFi to either work or relax at your leisure. Every new guest appointment will include the services we discuss in our consultation, as well as a scalp massage (the best part, right?!) and finished styling, plus tips, tricks or answers to questions you have about how to tame and train your mane on your own. 

We will wrap up your appointment with recommendations for at-home maintenance with your lifestyle, budget and mane goals in mind and a plan for when we should get you and your mane back in my chair. Then I’ll send you and your fresh ‘do on your way with a smile and that extra just-got-my-hair-done pep in your step.

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